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Factor to Consider when Making Toddler Flower Crowns You can use artificial or real flowers to make a head crown for your child. The main difference between this two types of flowers is that fresh flowers can last for a day or two which should be done a day before the day of the event. However, crowns that are made of artificial flowers can last for a long time. When preparing crowns for toddlers, ensure that you use small flowers that will be light to carry, and avoid using big flowers that add up weight to the crown. You will need to collect flowers or foliage from the garden to make the crowns, and it should be early in the day to ensure that the attention of the child s not compromised. Take a walk in the garden and choose your desired flowers and stems from the available foliage in the garden. The crown can be made with ease even when you are seated taking your breakfast. Also, t is the best way of connecting with nature and a way of developing an interest in your child. In instances where you have an assortment of colors to choose from among your flowers, pull out those that can add color to the foliage that you have gathered. If possible, you can buy some other blooms that can be incorporated in that crown. As much as making the crown for your kid is a lovely experience, ensure that the flowers you buy will match with the theme for that occasion The flowers and different foliage should be separated by their difference and kept in small piles matching their colors. By separating them and keeping them in piles, you will be able to see what you are missing. With the piles, you will know what you have collected by looking at the colors, shapes, and sizes.
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The flowers should always face outward when making the crown. It is vital that you be careful not to break stems around the filler since they will affect the way your flowers will look on the crown. You should collect enough stems for the crown to enable you to build off a good statement flower and allow you to weave it with a wire that will strengthen it while ensuring the flowers are looking outward.
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It is preferable you use ribbon in tying flowers on the crown. Ensure that the colors on the ribbon are matching with your party theme. Less time should be invested when preparing crowns with natural flowers since you will need it for a single day. Artificial flowers are ideal for the crown making since they can maintain the appearance for years without changing.

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