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Mouse Traps 101 – Understanding the Different Types of Mouse Traps in the Market

You want to find the best mousetrap your money can buy the moment you spot a single mouse in your house, failure to which they will start nibbling and chewing your expensive carpet or your expensive clothes. Luckily, there are a couple of options at your disposal when you notice these annoying creatures have started to feel very comfortable in your house. You will have two broad choices to choose from when it comes to mouse traps – the kill traps and the live traps, which are both self-explanatory in their usage. Arguably the most common mousetrap that you may be familiar with is the snap trap, which is very popular especially in the Tom and Jerry movie cartoons.

Basically, a mouse trap is designed in such a way that bait is placed to lure the mouse to eat it and once it gets in the trap is released, and the mouse is captured inside. A glue board or a glue trap is a common example of a kill mouse trap. This trap features a sticky board where the edible bait is placed to lure the mouse on the board.

There are also electronic mouse traps worth mentioning which are a category of kill traps. The electronic mouse trap is designed in such a way that it electrocutes the trapped mice the moment they come in contact with the device. This trap comes in the form of a big box upon which edible bait is placed near its rear. So advanced is the electronic trap that it comes with motion sensors and the moment it senses the presence of a mouse, it automatically releases an electric shock that kills the mouse instantly. Further, they are fitted with a light on the outside of the device to alert you when there is a mouse inside. Most people today go for electric mouse traps since they are economical in the sense that they can be reused the moment the trapped mice are emptied.

If on the other hand, you are not so keen on killing the mouse, you can go for the best humane mouse trap the market has to offer. Basically, the mouse is trapped alive and will be contained in there until you release them once you take them outside. If you want to release the mouse alive, you might want to invest in the best humane mouse trap. Otherwise, some are known to malfunction and hold the mouse too tightly to the point of killing them. Just like their kill counterparts, the live traps are also very effective when you use bait. Also worth mentioning is that some live traps can accommodate just a single mouse while others may capture several mice before the need to be emptied. When you are in search of the best mouse trap, take some time to read mouse trap reviews online, and you are sure to find one for your needs.

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