How I Became An Expert on Songs

Why I Still Buy Music In The Spotify Age

If you walk into my home, you are more likely to notice one thing: a tremendous collection of records that goes as high as the wall. You see, I have been acquiring these amazing products for ten years now.

Even my bank accounts and shelves say it all. In fact, Discogs estimate the worth of my collection to be somewhere around $15,000. Personally, I would say that I spend around $50 to $200 a month on records.

On top of that, I spend $10 on Spotify premium every month as well. Such subscription offers me an opportunity to access the entire collection of records on my shelves. And you know, both the analog and digital ones interest me a lot, and I listen to all of them.

You may find it a bit awkward that I spare a lot of finances on these old mediums instead of making use of my Spotify account, which, to many, can be amazingly convenient. Here is why I treasure such collection of records.

To begin, I have to say that a record offers me such a connection, something that I value the most. And such vinyl records offer singular and physical experience. Records have music that is carved into them. Indeed, you will always hear the music being extracted from the record, particularly when your stereo isn’t on.

What is more, the record can carry so much music on one side. In most cases, vinyl records can carry at least 22 minutes of sound. If you need to keep listening; you may need to walk to where the record player is and flip it over. Turntables are not portable, you may have to be where the record is – and that is what brings the sense of connection.

You may not find it an easy thing to figure out what the player says. You need to pay close attention to the music. For me, I feel that I’m more engaged when listening on my records than when listening on the Spotify on my car.

It is amazing to listen to the records. There is something that is unique when it comes to playing records on the turntables that has great styles. And more essentially, there is a great sense of satisfaction when you have to flip through the many records and locate the type that you want – unlike the search bar on your Spotify.

And this is my personal opinion: I know that a sizeable collection of records can do amazingly as far as your credibility. I have essentially become a self-made music guru, and this gives me self-esteem. In fact, I have had to express great affirmations to myself: “you are valuable,” “you are loved,” “and you have a remarkable record collection.