How to Get a Good Price at Volkswagen Dealerships in Marietta GA

Buying a car is one of the biggest and most stressful decisions a person can make. Not only are vehicles costly, most people only buy a car every few years. With these tricks and tips, buyers can even the odds when visiting Volkswagen Dealerships Marietta GA.

Make Dealers Compete

One of the best negotiating strategies does not require conventional haggling. When a buyer decides what kind of car they want, they should call all dealers within a minimum 50-mile area. With a few emails or phone calls, it’s possible to get dealers competing with one another. Buyers can use low offers as a negotiating tool, as most dealerships are willing to match competitors’ bids.

Don’t Trade in the Old Car Just Yet

Trade-ins usually don’t get top dollar. To get an idea of how much a car is worth, check the NADA’s prices; they’re what most dealers use. If a trade-in offer is close to the NADA book value, it may be a good option. The most reliable way to get a good price for a car is to do a private sale.

Obtain Financing

This may be a surprise, but a car buyer may not get the most favorable loan terms from a dealer. Credit unions and banks typically have lower rates, which allow buyers to save money. It’s best to get pre-approved for financing before starting the search for a new vehicle, even if the buyer’s credit is less than perfect.

Skip Dealer Add-Ons

Auto dealers make big profits on add-ons, whether they’re selling extended warranties or aftermarket accessories. If someone is buying a new car, it typically comes with a lengthy manufacturer warranty. While an extended warranty may provide peace of mind, it’s not always useful. However, if a buyer still wants a warranty, they should shop around because the dealership doesn’t always have the best offer.

Be Ready to Walk Away

During negotiations with auto dealers, buyers need to be willing to walk away from the table. Buyers have the advantage, and they should use it. There are always other dealers, times and ways to find a new car at a reasonable price.

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