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Kent Personal Rice Cooker: The Perfect Companion for Travellers and Bachelors

Having a rice cooker at home is a boon as it makes the cooking process not only easier and efficient but also effortless. As the name suggests, rice cooker is predominantly designed for cooking rice but with time it has become a multi-functional appliance. Today it is used for cooking soups, Dalia, dumplings, eggs, thinly sliced meats and steaming vegetables.


At home, you would generally require a 3L rice cooker for a small family or a 5L cooker if the family is big or have grown-up kids. But, when it comes to bachelors or someone who travels a lot carrying even a 3L cooker is not feasible. For such people who love to have home-cooked food, Kent has come up with Kent Personal Rice Cooker.


Kent Personal Rice Cooker is a small, innovative and handy appliance that is specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of the travellers and bachelors. Being easy to carry, they can enjoy hygienically prepared and tasty rice using it. The total capacity of this rice cooker is 0.9L and total weight is 1.14kg. That’s perfect for singles and the weight also makes it easier to carry while travelling.


Your Perfect Travel-Mate


If you travel a lot or likes to camp often, then it makes sense to pack a rice cooker for your trip. Kent Personal Rice Cooker is an ideal mate as you just need to carry the raw ingredients with you. All that you have to do now is just put everything in the rice cooker and set the timer when you want it to start. The delayed cooking function is ideal to set the time for later. While you are busy with other activities, the appliance will start the cooking process automatically at the designated time. By the time you are ready to eat, it will be ready with evenly cooked delicious fresh rice. You can also use it to warm curries or steam veggies.


Even if you are traveling with kids to whom you won’t prefer to give outside food or if they are habitual of having rice daily, then too it is very handy to carry this piece of appliance along. It is hygienic to cook food in it and thus ideal for travellers and bachelors.


Easy Maintenance


Apart from being light and handy, the other thing that goes in favour of this rice cooker is that it is not at all a hassle to clean and maintain it. It is very easy and convenient to use, clean, carry and store it. If it is easy to use an appliance but a hassle to clean, then the whole utility of it declines and people normally shy away from buying it. Here, the designers of the appliance have kept this in mind and made it utterly easy to clean so that no one thinks twice before using it.




Kent has taken care to see that this personal rice cooker does not falter on any front. They have made it light, portable, easy to use and clean and then priced it ideally at Rs 2700 making it very affordable to appeal to the masses. It just uses 180W of total power and can be plugged into any power point of 220 VAC supply. All in all, care has been taken on all fronts so that the prospective buyers just fall in love with this personal rice cooker and Kent has largely succeeded in its endeavour.




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