Medicare Supplement Plan G: What the Latest Evolution Covers

For more than 50 years now, Medicare has helped millions of Americans get the medical care they need but couldn’t otherwise afford. Numerous changes have been made to the program since its inception, from covering a broader range of people to incorporating a longer list of care than its original form. Medicare Supplement Plan G is the latest advancement to make headlines. While more in-depth information is available, this article offers a brief glimpse of some of the new changes.

Gaps Left by Part A

Medicare Part A leaves certain costs resting on patients’ shoulders, and Plan G is designed to bear a great deal of this weight. Part A coinsurance, co-payments, uncovered hospital stays and deductibles all fall into Plan G’s realm of benefits. Hospice co-payments and coinsurance not covered by Part A are also brought into the mix.

Bridging Part B

Part B came to pass during the early days of Medicare, and its purpose is to take care of proactive and reactive medical care as well as a wide range of supplies patients may need to maintain their health and quality of life. Still, it’s not all-inclusive. Remaining deductibles aren’t covered by Plan G, but certain other gaps are. Co-payments, coinsurance and excess charges fall into this category.

Other Advantages

In addition to picking up where Parts A, B and other supplements left off, Plan G provides some extra benefits. Nursing facility coinsurance is included in this branch of coverage as are the first three pints of blood should an infusion be needed. Those who travel a great deal may also be interested to know Plan G covers emergency care while abroad. Limits do apply here, but different plans are available in this regard.

Several Medicare reforms have taken place over the years, each one designed to provide better coverage to more people. Plan G is the latest step in a long line of evolutions, and it’s now available to those covered by the program. Though it could be considered a bit more expensive than its predecessors, many insist the extra coverage provided offsets the cost. Feel free to dig deeper and learn more about this new supplemental plan before deciding if it’s right for you.