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Recognizing the Signs of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse and alcoholism are problems that are sweeping across the country. This is an issue that affects people in lower social economic areas and upscale neighborhoods. The fact is that drug abuse and alcoholism do not discriminate. It is vital to recognize and understand the signs of drug abuse to help the individual get treatment. The sooner one recognizes the signs, the better the odds of getting that individual into a drug detoxification Everett WA center or a drug treatment center and helping them to recover. Here are a few signs that an individual might have drug issues.

The Physical Signs Of Addiction

The physical signs of drug abuse are very noticeable to those that come in regular contact with the drug abuser. Drug addiction has very devastating effect on the body. Often, the drug dependent person craves the drug. Certainly, after years or even months of abuse, the person has to take even more of the drug to receive the same high that they got the first time that they took the drug. Certainly, it is a vicious cycle that continues until someone steps in and offers help to send them to a detox center. Here are a few physical signs to look for in a drug dependent person.

  • Changes in the individual’s physical appearance
  • Glazed or bloodshot eyes
  • Dilated pupils
  • A rapid change in their weight. For example, losing a lot of weight
  • Bruises on their body

The Emotional Signs Of Addiction

One sign of drug abuse is the sudden change in the individuals normal behavior. For example, a happy go lucky guy suddenly turns abusive and argumentative. There is a reason why the person that is dependent on drugs starts to change. The drug affects the brain and changes their ability to think or act rationally. Here are a few emotional signs.

  • The individual becomes aggressive, short tempered, or very irritable
  • Changes in personality. A happy person becomes sad. A calm person becomes agitated easily
  • Sleeping too much
  • Depression sets in
  • Change in friends
  • Financial activities
  • Participating in criminal activities

Drug Detox

If you suspect that a friend or relative is abusing drugs, a drug detox program might remove or eliminate the drug dependent behavior. Drug detox programs specialize in helping to remove the abusive substances out of the individual’s body. Thus, clearing out the negative effects that the drugs or alcohol has on the individual’s behavior and their body. After cleansing the body of the abusive substances, the program will help the individual deal with withdrawal symptoms.

Recovery for the individual with drug or alcohol issues begins with recognizing that a problem exists. In addition, it is vital for those around the individuals to recognize the signs of drug abuse or alcohol abuse. Next, encourage the individual to seek treatment at a drug detox center.