Handling Relationships During Health Issues

Loving relationship and intimacy is a part of basic human needs. Unfortunately, people with chronic illness or suffering from other health conditions like erectile dysfunction are challenged in this area. Fear of symptoms can cripple an otherwise healthy relationship when there are symptoms that are thwarting the efforts to maintain normalcy.

Health Issues and Intimacy

For most people, intimacy is more than an act of touching and hugging; it is also an opportunity to share physical and emotional selves. Having a health that is ideal and optimal in all levels can in fact open the doors to strengthen bonding. In addition, when there is physical intimacy, there is the production of natural hormones that increases happiness levels as well. Many people with underlying health conditions suffer because of abnormality or erectile dysfunction. There are a wide range of over-the-counter ed medication to cure this symptom, but the right approach is the one that is tried and tested by real people.

Emotional issues can also be a serious factor in not achieving the intimacy that is needed in a relationship. Someone who is already suffering from an illness that was previously diagnosed as dangerous or even fatal may stop themselves from getting intimate with their partner. People with other health problems may worry that getting intimate is too strenuous and may trigger their symptoms. All these worries and issues can certainly hurt a relationship in the long run. Having a health problem that prevents one from being in an optimal energy level can also get in the way of activities that lead to intimacy in a relationship. On the other hand, the couple in a relationship will feel guilty of failing and fearful of the future. This dynamic can cause serious emotional issues as well. The resulting stress and depression can create more health problems.

How to Overcome Fear

For successful relationship, open communication between two individuals is one of the most important elements. It is crucial that the couple address their fears through proper talk and confront them to find ways to alleviate them. Also important is to learn ways to increase sensuality during intimacy through counseling. When two people in a relationship can feel comfortable talking their issues, it is when they are able to find a solution for the issue. Communication is a way to be focused on the relationship rather than the symptoms or health conditions.

Another way to deal with uncomfortable situation like this is to seek help and advice from professionals working in this field. No matter what your health condition is and how it may affect your relationship with your partner, your doctor should be the first consultant to go to. It is more likely that your doctor may have come across patients like you and problems similar to yours. Their solutions may be particularly designed for your situation. Remember that intimacy in a relationship is a problem that can be solved eventually through adequate treatment and communication.